CreditCircle: DeFi Credit Lending Application Global Pawn Shop for Cryptos

CreditCircle is a pre-eminent decentralized finance (DeFi) credit lending application that offers instant and secured crypto-collateralized lending to individuals and businesses across the globe, providing an opportunity to navigate the crypto industry. The DeFi credit application will allow individuals and businesses to borrow an instantaneous mortgage in exchange for their cryptocurrencies. This new way of lending and borrowing credit allows users to actively participate in the crypto exchanges and continue pursuing the trade.


  • Allows users to escrow their digital assets and avail credit.
  • Hassle-free and straightforward KYC process.
  • Lower annual interest rates with no late fee.
  • Invest & manage your crypto portfolio under one umbrella.

Vastra : Local, Reliable & Sustainable

Vastra is a solution developed with a distinctive focus on.

PayCircle: DeFi Payments Application

PayCircle is a DeFi payments solution built for global businesses.
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