Cloud Solutions

Transform Your Business with Our
Multi-Cloud Solutions

Leverage the benefits of long-term cloud computing without compromising on the performance and security of your applications. We offer open, secure, and full-stack cloud solutions, including IT consulting, infrastructure management, hosting private clouds in our data centers, custom software development, and more.

Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Solutions

Consulting Services

Helping enterprises with hybrid cloud strategies that help them define, optimize & monitor usage and performance and make adjustments as needed while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Migration & Deployment

Our specialized cloud consulting teams help businesses with application and data migration & deployment, monitoring the performance and providing real-time support to ensure a smooth transition.

Cloud Security

Switch to our cloud security features, such as access management, encryption, threat detection, and response and incident management, to protect organizations’ data, applications, and infrastructure.

Managed Services

Manage and maintain your business infrastructure with instant troubleshooting support that improves the overall operational efficiency of your business.


Automate your cloud-native apps and their processes with an emphasis on collaboration, continuous delivery, and security.

First-of-a-kind cloud architecture

More agility, more security

Innovation with flexibility & scalability

Industry-specific cloud offerings

Bringing Together the True Value of Cloud Solutions

Harness the Core of Your Business with Our Cloud Computing Models


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Delivering cloud-hosted network and storage resources that allow organizations to access these resources when on demand.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Offering fully-cloud hosted and pre-built infrastructure, tools, and services to help enterprises easily manage their applications at lower costs.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Helping businesses unleash productivity by building innovative cloud applications with our ready-to-use SaaS solutions.

Offering a Secure and Smooth Transition Throughout the Deployment and Execution

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security



Endpoint Detection & Response


Data Leakage Prevention


Email Security

Multi-Factor Authentication





Cyber Threat Intelligence

Advanced Threat Protection

Web Application Firewall

Web Proxy

Data Center Security

Data Center Security

Infrastructure Management Services

Service desk operations

Network & security management

Server management & virtualization

Storage & backup management

Hybrid cloud infra management

Managed Services

Technology Staffing Solutions

Offshore project Staffing

Temporary & Contract Staffing

Permanent Staffing

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