DIAM: The Native Digital Asset

DIAM is the native digital asset that underpins the Diamante Blockchain ecosystem.

DIAM: The Native Digital Asset

Embracing Blockchain to Change the Way We Live with DIAM

DIAM, the native digital asset, acts as an authorization Coin on the Diamante Network. It is a utility-based Coin granting access to the Diamante ecosystem to utilize the full suite of products and services.

Transforming the Way, We Pursue Finance, Payments, and Trade

DIAM forms a medium to move money across the world and enables the construction of transactions in various currencies instantly and securely. It allows a high-end security system at every stage of the transaction that is traceable at an ultra-low cost.

Solving the Real Problems with DIAM

Expensive Expensive

International payments

Time-consuming Time-consuming

Cross-border fund transactions

Lacks transparencyLacks transparency

In transactions to both sender and receiver

High operational costsHigh operational costs

With traditional paperwork & intermediary involvement

The Utility of DIAM: One Coin, Unlimited Solutions

  • Medium of access to conduct global transactions
  • A certain amount of DIAM burned for every transaction
  • Discounted transaction fees on the application
  • Wide acceptance and global recognition
  • High-end security system at every stage of the transaction
  • Traceable transactions at a low cost

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