VASTRA : Local, Reliable & Sustainable

A distinctive solution developed to help and embrace the Indian textile industry. The platform provides a secure, business-friendly environment while eradicating the middleman. VASTRA eliminates the hidden cost levied on the low-class business segment (SMEs and farmers) while creating a unique identification for the participants and helping them trade and participate in the textile industry.

VASTRA :Local, Reliable & Sustainable

Trustable and Reliable Ecosystem for the Textile Industry

Prompt Reconciliation and Complete Traceability

Allows users to track, trace, and gain immediate access to evaluate the entire spectrum of trading transactions in real-time. The platform also strengthens the marketplace by establishing a friendly relationship between the participants.

  • Reducing stressed loans
  • Increasing profit margins for textile players
  • Identification of root-level farmers and producers


01Trustable and reliable ecosystem for the textile industry

02No middleman, No hidden cost

03Connecting buyers and sellers with high-end security

04Smart contract-enabled trading and execution

05Accessibility to government schemes and benefits

06Accessibility to government schemes and benefits

Scaling up the Textile industry using the blockchain technology!

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